AFIB Journeys
My Afib Journey By Hans R. Larsen MSc ChE

The AFIB Mystery By Andrew Auerbach, PhD

My Experience with Atrial Fibrillation By Sadja Greenwood, MD

My Story - A Work in Progress By Randy Lewis

My Journey: A Happy Ending By Mark Murphy, MD

A Roller Coaster Ride to Freedom from the Tyranny of Afib By Frank McCabe

My Way Back to NSR By Erling Waller

My ICD and Me By Rodney Ross, BDS

Calming My Heart By Jackie Burgess, RDH

My Journey to Sinus Rhythm By Jeff Zorn

Atrial Fibrillation and the Boiled Frog Syndrome By Peter Stent

Blessed Relief - At Least for Now! By Joseph M. Pisano

My Success with the Paleo Diet and Potassium By Peggy Merrill

My Analytical Road to Success? By George E. Newman

My Bordeaux Experience By Alistair Thomson

My Battle With and Success Over Afib By Charles L. Miller

Cleveland Rocks! One Patient's Experience with PVA By David Weisenthal

My AF Story - Or How it Zaps You When You're Not Looking By Anthony Bestwick

How Suffering and Curing Atrial Fibrillation Changed My Life By Michael Coleman

Living with Vagal Lone AF By David Booth

Fascinating Rhythm: Atrial Fibrillation - The Beat Goes On By John C. Hagan III, MD

My Experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine and LAF By Wanda Craig

My Amazing Maze By Kerry Acker Hydrotherapy Benefits and Afib By Ian McLaren

My Travels Along the AFIB Road By Richard Webster

My H. pylori Journey By Sharon Glass

The Dissociated Diet and LAF By Antonio Contardo

Do Statin Drugs Precipitate Vagal AF? By Tom Voll, P Eng

An Afib Success Story - Acupuncture By Don Girskis

My Trip to the Land of NSR By Gene Beall

My LAF Journey - From Disappointment to Triumph By Carolyn Wright Smith

LAF is Not a Death Sentence By Don P.

AFIB No More By Suzi E.

The Danger of Pradax - A Personal Story By Michael W.